June 25, 2024

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How can I get a used car history report for free?

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car history report for free

Do you want to buy a car or sell a car to an individual? It is possible to trace the history of a car. It is an important element allowing to value the selling price of a car according to its antecedents: maintenance, car accidents, repairs, the origin of the vehicle, the technical control…

Reveal the history of the car to an individual during a transaction reassures the buyer by reducing the risk of scam. You can prove to the buyer of the used car that it has not been damaged during its use.

free car history

This French startup wants to provide transparency on the history of used cars in order to avoid a scam. The Odopass application offers many free services including the history of the car (owners, country of import, etc.).

The Odopass application offers an additional paid service to retrieve all your maintenance and repair invoices from the main car center networks and restore them. Practical, Odopass takes care of contacting car centers and aggregating all your expenses in your Odopass.

To obtain the history free of charge, simply complete a form using the information noted on your car registration document. Then, you will receive an email telling you that your maintenance book has been pre-filled with your history and possibly the details of your maintenance invoices.

Request a free history search for your car

When you decide to sell or buy a used car, it is not easy to reveal information to the buyer in the event of a sale and to acquire information about the vehicle’s past in the event of a loss. ‘purchase. To solve this problem, you can share your maintenance log from the Odopass application.

This service reduces the asymmetry of information between the seller and the buyer and will reassure individuals during a transaction.
Performing a history search by registration and communicating it to the buyer proves that the vehicle is safe, that it has been well monitored and maintained during its use. Bet on transparency and make sure to provide the clearest and most precise answers possible to your potential buyers.

Obtain the history of a car by registrati

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